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We are pulse-grabbing company in this trading software market.  who senses the direction of Market at a time of 2 minutes interval.  Its fact that this software works on  time frame interval of only two minutes. The High Beta Average Volume  Oscillators has used inside the software for greater accuracy . Our strategy  was programmed and designed to focus on consistent accuracy in sideways market . Our Trading Systems configured with Success ratio with filters that will give highly accurate BUY / SELL signals automatically in all Markets.  U can use this software  like professional traders in MCX, NSE, NCDEX, Today most of the trading strategy is made over traditional candlestick pattern. which is not accurate.But today, for the first time in india HBAVO strategy has been launched.

By it's more accurate , more profitable and Easy to use .it generates signals by finding the market  trends over a time frame of two minutes.  Because  market never climbs up or down in two minutes.  Therefore, the use of this technique is less risky in the market.  so entry and profit booking are done at the right time. 

A Complete Versatile Indicator

       Get precise buy/sell signals on your move, which otherwise requires a lot of attention and time from your side. It’s time to get stress free.


It’s a reliable, genuine tool which works by analyzing the real-time data.  

Right predictions and No repainting.


You get very accurate predictions, and the indicator works with high accuracy,
which is not a common feature.


It’s suitable for all market conditions. It withstands all market fluctuations and is suitable for all markets and traders.


The best indicator works with a unique logic and best All trading strategies at the backstage.


The User Interface is very elegant and simple that can be easily
​ understood and used by any Trader.          


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Crude Oil _Demo Video on 01/10/2018.

Nifty, Bank Nifty, and all F&O Market Trend


Best stock trading software 2019

Todays 98%  traders of the market are facing a common problem. When they buy in market then market go down below their buy price &when they sell market goes high just opposite to that. Now traders have to face only problems in both these situations.

These days most of the trading software –supplier companies are selling designed software based upon supertrend in the market. The software of these companies has a common matter. That is- Platform designing software. All companies eithter selling however the advanced software in the market but the platform of their software are also formed based upon or above the supertrend & there must be a problem in a supertrend that until the signal is complete ,trading should not be done on that. If trading is done during the generation of signal, the signal may  disappear. If trading is done on the another candle of signal , it is of 95% possibility that stop loss of this trade will be hit.  If market is in a single direction then any software does work but in sideways condition the strategy of all software is kept on hold & traders get only the signals of buy-&-sell again &again. Traders either stop trading at last or lose their whole of the capitals. Traders not only face their loss of capitals invested in software by the way of purchasing Wrong Trading Software, but also lose their own capitals by trading upon that software.The software of supertrend generate more signals in the volatile condition of the market trade and more. More trade means more possibility of the trade going in loss. Most of the vendors of market in the presentations of their software describe us that our software works on the time-frame of 5 or 10 minutes but in case of coming of  more signals they advise us to switch the chart to 15-30 minutes. The other software of market take the time of 5 or 10 minutes to generate signals since it is said to be trade over another candle in the candle stick chart but until then the opening of the other candle has been cross more enough out of signal price shown in the Buy Call. Applying stop loss there may give a huge loss.These days vendors  are giving training to the traders  for using many indicators. Like RSI, MACD, Stochastic, ZLAG, MA, DEMA, TEMA etc. All these indicators  confuse traders in the live market.

we Provide you Best stock trading software 2019. best intraday software, best positional software. Best Buy Sell Signal Software it's work for F&O, Equity, Nifty, Bank Nifty, Option, Commodity day trading, MCX, Gold, Silver, crude. copper, Zinc etc (it's Best for Crude strategy )

Best Trend Finder Software 2019

The techniques in this software are unique and easy to learn & use. So don't waste time and money in buying tips blindly when you can understand the market, make profit by yourself. So this software is your right guidance at the right time. No need of studying any difficult Indicators like RSI, MACD, STOCHASTICS, Confusing Averages like Simple Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average or Bands like Bollinger Bands, Keltner Bands, Oscillators like Price Oscillator, Ultimate Oscillator- we just want profit.  Trend Finder Software search better opportunities in all scripts. All Result will come only after getting confirmation in Technical Indicators, Historical Price, Averages, Bands, Pivot Levels, Resistance & Support Levels  Volume & most important it shows Up / Down Trends. Software is useful for Individual Traders, Brokers, Sub-brokers, Advisory companies & Tips providers.The trade view includes Intraday Trading and Delivery for Short term and Long term trading.

Buy Sell Signal Softwrae

Use the best Buy Sell Signal Software with trend Cross Over.

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